Wasp Pest Control in Essex

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If you have a wasp problem on your property, then we will be able to help eradicate the issue. We are Town and Country Pests, your local wasp control experts. With decades of experience to our name and a friendly, can-do approach that we bring to every single job, it’s clear to see why we are the specialists in wasp nest removal that so many people count on. So, no matter the scale of your wasp problem, we will be able to help.

How dangerous are wasps?

Wasps are one of the most common pests that we deal with, and being stung by one can be extremely painful. While wasps aren’t known to carry any diseases, there is always the risk of suffering a severe allergic reaction after being stung. To prevent this, it’s really important to have the wasp population on your property professionally controlled – which means taking action as soon as you spot a nest.

Identifying a wasp’s nest

So where do wasps like to nest? Their nests are most commonly found in lofts and soffits, and a clue to their presence is if you notice wasps constantly flying in and out of your property. They can also be found in sheds and other outbuildings, so be sure to check those too. What does a nest look like? Well, many people describe them as having a papery appearance, and they are grey in colour and are shaped like a balloon. You’ll often be able to see intricate, swirling patterns from the outside too. Not sure if what you are looking at is a wasp’s nest? Then give us a call, so one of our wasp pest control specialists can come and take a look.
Paul Williams
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I have had dealings with Paul over a number of years now (20 years +) principally dealing with field mice in our loft. Paul is highly professional and without hesitation will always part with helpful advice and recommendations before booking an appointment. You will not find better customer service. I am in no doubt that now Toby has joined the family business, Town & Country Pests will go from strength to strength.
Peter Harris
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Paul attended quickly and on time to deal with a wasp nest. He gave a professional service and I would highly recommend them.
Andrew Kerr
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Paul very knowledgeable and effective.
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Efficient resolution of mice and squirrel problem! I thought I had squirrels in the house which turned out to be 9 mice and my squirrel problem was outside. Both mice and squirrels have been resolved and very efficiently. I would only ever use these guys and pleased that Toby is based in Dunmow following our move from Brentwood. Really pleased and the scrabbling that I heard in the roof has now gone.
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Highly recommend - They have been zapping/ catching all sorts for us for many years. Visit us every few months or more if needed. Have sorted out many an infestation. Really quick in an emergency and responsive to messages. Very friendly and professional. Clean tidy work.

Don’t tackle the problem yourself

Many people try their hands at wasp removal, so you’re probably wondering why you can’t take care of the problem yourself. After all, it can’t be that hard, can it? That’s a common misconception, and wasp nest removal should only ever be carried out by an experienced professional. Why? Well, they have professional grade materials at their disposal, which are much more effective than pest control products you will be able to pick up on the high street. As you’ll be putting yourself at risk of getting stung if you try and destroy a wasp’s nest yourself, why not leave that job to the professionals? We’re here to do the hard work so you don’t have to.

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We have been practicing pest control our whole lives, so it’s safe to say that we know what we’re doing. We work with both commercial and domestic clients, and expertly tailor our service to suit the requirements of each job. If you want to find out more, please do reach out to us today.