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Simple things you can do to keep moles away from your garden

Our top mole control tips

Are you struggling with moles in your garden? Don’t Worry. Moles are a very common complaint across the UK and easy to deter. Here are our tips to make your garden a mole-free zone.

How many moles are there?

First of all, don’t panic if you see a large number of molehills in your garden! While it is a problem that you are going to have to tackle sooner rather than later, lots of molehills doesn’t mean lots of moles. Moles tend to be solitary creatures, and do not get along with each other very well outside of their mating season. You will not find more than three to five moles on an acre of land, so in your average-sized garden it is unlikely for there to be more than one.  So, you’ll most probably have a single mole to deal with.


So, how can you keep your garden mole-free? There are a number of plants that are thought to deter moles. Daffodil bulbs are toxic, and moles have been observed to avoid their roots.  Marigolds are aromatic and contain natural pyrethrin and repel the bugs that moles feed upon – making your garden a much less appealing place to find some food. it is worth noting that plants have a localised effect, so will probably be less effective in a larger garden. Some plants can be toxic to household pets too – so do your research carefully.


Activity and vibration are very effective at driving moles away. Vibrating mole scarers are widely available, and you can even get solar-powered models that will not cost you anything to run. Some people swear by the method of dropping moth balls into mole tunnels – but these can add unpleasant materials to your soil and their effectiveness hasn’t been proven. There are a number of repellents available – just make sure that you purchase one that is organic and read the instructions carefully before using it.

Before you proceed – here’s a little tip involving molehills. While they can ruin the look of a perfectly manicured lawn, they are a great source of finely graded soil. So be sure to save that to use around your garden. You may as well get something good out of the situation, after all!

How we can help

With so many ways to get rid of moles to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right pest control method for your property. That’s where we come in. We have many years of experience when it comes to controlling moles, and after assessing your outdoor space we will be able to come up with a plan that works for you and your property. Leaving it to the professionals means less effort on your part, and expert advice and support at every stage.

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If you want to find out more about us and our mole pest control, please do get in touch with us today. We’d love to help however we can and will arrange a visit to your home as soon as possible.