10 Interesting Facts About Rats

Rat Pest Control in Essex

Understanding the Dangers of These Pests Rats are far more than your average pests – they have an array of strengths that make them ideally suited to invading homes and business premises. Here are 10 things you may not have known about them – and you’ll soon see why effective rat pest control is so […]

Which pest control is best for rats?

Rat Pest Control in Essex

How we deal with the problem Are you struggling with a rat problem in your property? You certainly aren’t alone, as they are one of the most common pests we deal with. Here’s what you should do to stop the issue in its tracks – including which rat pest control is most suitable. Signs of […]

What do rats do in the winter, and how to keep them away from your home

what do rats do in the winter and how to keep them away from your home

Your complete guide Rats can be a serious threat to health and are much more prevalent during the winter. Luckily, Town and Country Pests can help. Nothing inspires dread more than the tell-tale signs of rats in winter – but Town and Country Pests are here to help! Why do rats come inside in the […]